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English-Language Linux Distributions


Developed by: SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd.
Description: Now available in English. Best Linux is perfectly suited for use in the home, as a workstation or an internet server. The Best Linux operating system is easy to install with no complicated options. Graphical installation goes smoothly, either on a new computer or beside another operating system. Selecting which operating system to start is simple thanks to an advanced graphical boot menu. Best Linux starts straight into a graphical Windows-like KDE-desktop which includes almost all of the software that might you use daily. The multilingual desktop consist of multiple workspaces to help you group your tasks. You can use one workspace for work matters, another to surf the internet and a third for writing a book. All this is possible due to Best Linux's superior multi-tasking.

BlueCat Linux

Developed by: LynuxWorks
Description: BlueCat is LynuxWorks' distribution of open source Linux, enhanced to meet the requirements of embedded developers. BlueCat includes a royalty-free, open source Linux distribution and is compatible with the LynxOS RTOS, an industry leader in hard, real-time embedded software. With its heritage of reliability, availability, and serviceability, BlueCat has a common source base and development tools for multiple embedded targets.

Caldera OpenLinux

Caldera Image Developed by: Caldera
Description: The Caldera OpenLinux Product line is a multi-tasking, multi-user operating system that gives you the power and reliability of UNIX on a personal computer. OpenLinux is Caldera's "distribution" or package of Linux and is surrounded with utilities, graphical interfaces, installation procedures, third party applications, and much more. OpenLinux is ideal for small, medium, and large companies who must optimize their investment in existing systems, hardware & training. Several versions are available.

Conectiva Linux

Conectiva Image Developed by: Conectiva
Description: Conectiva is a well-known Latin American Linux distribution. Versions are available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Corel Linux

Corel Linux Image Developed by: Corel
Description: Experience Linux?power built specifically for the desktop with Corel?LINUX?OS. Based on Debian and featuring an incredible four-step installer and a KDE-based, drag-and-drop desktop environment, Corel LINUX OS is easy to install and configure.

Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 with Corel Linux OS

Corel WP 2000 Image Developed by: Corel
Description: WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux is designed specifically for the robust Linux operating system. The suite delivers world-class applications for powerful word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and personal information management. Wide compatibility lets you import and export Corel LINUX OS is also included in the suite WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux is available in two versions-Standard and Deluxe

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian Image Developed by: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the Linux based operating system. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. Along with its large selection of prepackaged software is contains advanced package management tools that allow for easy installation and maintenance on individual systems and workstation clusters. Extensive pre-release testing is done to ensure the highest degree of reliability possible, and a publicly accessible bug tracking system provides an easy way to monitor customer feedback.


Developed by: DragonLinux
Description: Now Linux can co-exist with Windows on the same partition and take up less space than your word processor! DragonLinux is a tiny Internet-ready distribution of Linux. At only 20MB installed, it is a fully functional UMSDOS Linux installation complete with networking tools and documentation.


Developed by: easy Information Technology
Description: Until today Linux had the reputation to be a system which is difficult to install, without knowledge of Unix an installation was often condemned to fail. A lot of configurations require the usage of a text editor - in our opinion this is intolerable for the common user. Other distributions have finally produced useful scripts and programs which make the installation easier, but generally without a graphically user interface. We are taking another approach: initially, as with other operating systems, a VGA X Server is started and the complete installation is run GUI based, i.e. graphically. Only in rare exceptions will you need a text based console. We offer three different installation modes.

Elfstone Linux

Developed by: Elfstone Software Elfstone Linux
Description: Elfstone Linux is a highly stable Linux distribution specifically designed for programmers, engineers, and network administrators. As a real working network OS and, perhaps, the most Unix-like of all commercial distributions, Elfstone Linux is built around the OSF Motif 2.1 API with a universal package management feature. This distribution currently based on the .RPM format easily allows for the installation of both RPMs and Tar/Tar.gz packages.

Gentus Linux

Developed by: ABit
Description: Gentus Linux comes complete with ATA/66 support. No more need to install in ATA/33 mode and upgrade. Gentus appears to be built from RedHat and therefore inherits the features of such.

Jurix Linux

Developed by: Florian La Roche
Description: Jurix uses the traditional unix philosophy KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! We have some problems to solve if we compile and install the source, pack the resulting binaries and want to use this as a distribution to install and update a server machine. Each of the different problems has a simple yet powerful solution, so that most of the work can be automated. Together with some of the strengths of the Internet like distributed work and testing, we'll get a very fine Linux distribution. Jurix is an open development on the Internet for a server Linux distribution.


Description: A new Linux distribution has been born. It's name is L13Plus. Don't ask us what this means. Doesn't matter! It's a big project that will deliver a high quality Linux distribution. Our goals are security, stability, support, automatic update of packages and all packages (with sources) on CDs.

Linux Antarctica

Linux Antarctica Image Developed by: Linux Antarctica
Description: A Linux distribution that includes its own configuration tool as well as the mainstream applications found in the other major distributions. Includes KDE and Netscape as well as the Apache web server.

Linux by LibraNet

Libranet Image Developed by: Libranet
Description: Built from Debian GNU/Linux this distribution provides all of the benefits of a Debian system. By packaging the best and most commonly used applications into a simple to install CD, you can have a complete desktop up and running in a short time. All the power of Debian is now available to users with little or no Linux experience. The Libranet distribution is backed by solid support and online documentation. Software upgrades are available free to download, or on a CD. Debian's unique package manager takes care of software updates automatically.

Linux Mandrake

Mandrake Image Developed by: Mandrake
Description: Linux-Mandrake is a friendly Linux Operating System which comes with KDE, Gnome, Window Maker, Enlightenment and other graphical interfaces. It provides ease of use for both home/office and servers. It is freely available in many languages, all over the world.


LinuxOne image Developed by: LinuxOne
Description: LinuxOne is an easy to install distribution with an enormous collection of device drivers. A complete set of useful application software is included in the package.


Kheops Image Developed by: PowerPC Linux Project
Description: A Linux distribution for PowerPC's.

Linux Pro

LinuxPro Image Developed by: WorkGroup Solutions
Description: Linux Pro Plus includes the Linux Pro 6 CD Set plus the Linux Encyclopedia ; a 1600+ page reference manual of information with tutorials on setup, configuration, kernel hacking, and more! Includes CD with much more online text than is possible to print on paper including all Linux Usenet News group postings and Mini-HOWTOS. There are a total of 7 CDs in Linux Pro Plus.


LinuxWare Image Developed by: Trans-Ameritech
Description: This is a flexible, easy-to-install UNIX clone operating system geared toward those interested in learning UNIX as well as technical people, students and home PC users. Installs through Windows, Windows 95 or DOS from any CD-ROM drive that DOS supports.


LuteLinux Image Developed by: LuteLinux
Description: LuteLinux combines the 2.2 Linux kernel with application programs such as Netscape Communicator, games and utilities. It also includes an easy-to-use installer and step by step booklet to guide users through the installation and configuration process of Linux and the X Window system.


MaxOS Image Developed by: Alta Terra Ventures Corp.
Description: MaxOS™ is a Linux operating system for everyday use. The Linux system platform provides users with the most stable PC desktop environment available today. MaxOS™ provides users with a friendly, easy to navigate desktop environment, and comes bundled with numerous applications and utilities, making it a much better value than Windows. The MaxOS™ operating system is built around the GNU Linux kernel, X-Windows and the KDE Desktop. MaxOS™ features an easy installation utility for novice and experienced users alike. Make MaxOS™ your OS of choice!


MkLinux Image Developed by: Apple Computer / The Open Group Research Group
Description: A Linux distribution for Power Macintosh platform.

Platinum Linux

Platinum Linux Image Developed by: Platinum Linux
Description: Platinum Linux was started by two high-schoolers in Connecticut trying to make a distribution that was secure enough, but easy enough to be user friendly. They are trying to make Platinum Linux the most secure, easy, and user friendly linux distribution out there.

RedHat Linux

RedHat Image Developed by: RedHat Software
Description: The Red Hat Linux for Intel, Alpha and SPARC products are built from the exact same source packages. This ensures maximum ease of software portability between machines running Red Hat Linux regardless of the underlying hardware architecture. Your investment in configuration of Red Hat Linux will pay off on all three platforms.

Redmond Linux

Redmond Linux Image Developed by: Joseph Cheek
Description: Redmond Linux (yes, as in Redmond, Washington) is a Linux distribution that, at the time of this writing, is still in the Beta stage. It is based on Caldera and is designed to be attractive to people migrating from non-unix platforms. Mr. Cheek, the developer, states: ".. this product will be something so easy to use that even my mother would use (and want to use) it." Redmond Linux is in the beta phase at this time. The final version is due on November 11, 2000.

Rock Linux

Rock Linux Image Developed By: Clifford Wolf
Description: ROCK Linux is a modern Linux Distribution with a powerfull auto-build process. It's mostly designed for skilled Linux/Unix Administrators. It's available for multiple platforms. ROCK Linux is a small distribution, but it's not a "mini distribution". It comes with over 200 packages including X11 and the GNOME Desktop - but excluding manu driven configuration tools (most professional users prefer configuration files). A reasonably well configured installation of Rock Linux should be useful for any computer user (even beginners).


Developed by: RT-Linux
Description: RT-Linux is a Linux operating system in which a small real-time kernel coexists with the Posix-like Linux kernel

Slackware Linux

Slackware Image Developed by: Walnut Creek
Description: Slackware Linux is compatible with most Intel PC hardware & supports most CDROM drives, sound, ethernet, and mice. The advanced 2.2.13 kernel will provide stellar performance on high-end systems, including support for symmetric multi-processing (up to 16 processors), PCI, and special code optimizations for the 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro.

Stampede Linux

Stampede Image Developed by: Stampede
Description: New distribution designed for the power user.

Storm Linux 2000

Storm Image Developed by: Stormix
Description: Storm Linux 2000 is based on the award winning Debian GNU/Linux. They've enhanced Debian's robust, open source, distribution by making it easier to install, easier to configure, easier to administrate and easier to update. Now even users new to Linux will be able to join the open source revolution and start running the operating system of the new millenium in no time at all.

S.u.S.E. Linux

S.u.S.E. Image Devloped by: S.u.S.E. Linux
Description: S.u.S.E. Linux contains the full Linux OS and over 800 preconfigured software packages on five CD-ROMs, as well as a 400-page reference book. The book covers both introductory as well as advanced topics. Also included is the innovative utility "YaST" puts full control into the users' hands, allowing them to install, configure and fine-tune their systems. YaST lets novices get started easily; it lets experts go as far as they want. S.u.S.E. also develops and supports a series of X Servers for newer, high-end graphics cards. A German version is also available.


TurboLinux Image Developed by: TurboLinux
Description: TurboLinux provides a suite of high performance Linux products for the workstation and server markets. Avialable in English, Japanese and Chinese, Turbolinux offers Linux solutions geared towards corporate needs as well as the home desktop. TurboLinux also offers a unique clustering solution that allows for the construction of highly available and scalable networks based on low-cost commodity components. TurboLinux currently offers the choice of Gnome, KDE or the TurboDesk GUI and is distributed with powerful desktop applications such as StarOffice and Netscape.

Yellow Dog Linux

Yellow Dog Image Description: Yellow Dog Linux is a distribution for the PowerPC architecture. There are two versions: YDL Champion Server, which is the version designed for internet, intranet, development, and other mission-critical environments that require the most out of their operating system. The second is YDL Gone Home, which is the version for the home or small office.

Yggdrasil Linux

Yggdrasil Image Developed by: Yggdrasil Computing, Inc.
Description: Plug & Play Linux has now grown to two CD-ROM's. The first CD-ROM includes all system programs, while the second CD-ROM is source code. Like previous Plug & Play releases, the Fall 1995 edition of Plug & Play Linux can be started on supported hardware configurations by simply plugging in the included boot floppy and the first CDROM, and turning the computer on. Users with other hardware configurations can use the new DOS installation or the new network (NFS) installation. These alternative methods work not only for the initial installation, but also for installing optional software packages later.

Mini and Specialty Distributions

Armed Linux

Armed Linux
Description: The Armed Linux product is a full Linux operating system distribution that has been customized to install on top of versions of Microsoft Windows or any version of DOS.

Coyote Linux

Coyote Linux
Description: Coyote Linux is designed for use by those wishing to share an Internet connection that is provided via an ethernet connection with other computers that are connected to a local area network (LAN). These types connections include cable modems, DSL lines and leased lines. The primary focus of the Coyote design is to make it as easy as possible to configure and use.

ChainSaw Linux

Chainsaw image
Description: ChainSaw Linux is a new GNU/Linux based on the development kernels only. Because of this the makers make special mention that this version of Linux is not to be considered "stable".

DLX Linux

DLX Image Developed by: Erich Boehm
Description: DLX is a full featured, single floppy disk (3.5 inch) linux distribution for Intel-based PCs.

DOS Linux

DOS LINUX  Developed by: Kent Robotti
Description: This is a small Linux operating system that can be installed on an existing Dos system i.e. msdos, pcdos, opendos, and win95 in dos mode.

File, Print & CD Server

Description: "PizzaBox Server: File, Print & CD Server with remote access, Tape Backup, UPS support and sophisticated Web Management running Linux & Samba, on standard PC hardware, from a plug in Flash-ROM. Free, fully working, evaluation copy can be downloaded as only three floppy images from our web site."

hal91 Floppy Linux

hal91 Image Developed by: Øyvind Kolås
Description: hal91 is a minimalistic Linux installation fitting on one single 1.44Mb disk. It is intended for use as a rescue disk and a portable linux system. For Intel-based PCs.

Linux Embedded

Linux Embedded
Description: A small distribution of i386 linux which provides embedded software developers a small multi-user, networked OS with an X11R6 server.

Monkey Linux

Monkey Linux
Description: Monkey Linux is a minimal Linux ELF distribution in 7.5MB archive (5 diskettes) designed to be used within MSDOS and to allow the user to experiment with Linux anywhere he/she wants. There is no need to know anything about partitioning or ext2 file systems to use it.


muLinux Image Developed by: muLinux
Description: muLinux (無inux, really) is a full-configured, minimalistic, almost complete, application-centric tiny distribution of Linux (2.0.36 modular kernel) made in Italy. muLinux resides on a single 1722K floppy. Works on PC 386-4M + swap space, and installs in RAM, UMSDOS, EXT2 & LOOP-EXT2.

Phat Linux

Developed by:
In late 1998, Phat Linux created a simple, easy to use Linux operating system that ran on a Windows 95/98 partition. Since then, many have tried to replicate what we have done. However, we remain the leading Linux distribution that runs of a Windows partition because of our support and dedication to the Linux operating system. Phat Linux allows Windows users to run Linux while preserving their Windows partition.


Developed by: Fireplug Consulting Group
Description: FirePlug's ThinLinux is a distribution of the Linux kernel, selected modules and programs. ThinLinux would be well defined as a product line of tools and techniques, support and services aimed at the large scale manufacture and support of products using Linux as the embedded OS.  The Fireplug Consulting Group works with product designers to customize the BIOS, product hardware, manufacturing techniques, and ongoing product support and extensions.

TINY Linux

Tiny Linux Image Developed by:
Description: Tiny Linux is a small Linux distribution designed especially for old, recycled computers (i386 or better).


tomsrtbt Image Developed by: Tom Oehser
Description: This is a small Linux operating system that fits on a single floppy disk It's useful as a root/boot/recovery disk, since it loads itself onto a RAM disk (thus allowing you to remove the floppy once it's fully loaded) and comes with tools for checking and repairing most filesystems, including msdos and ext2fs.

Trustix Secure Linux

tomsrtbt Image Developed by: Trustix
Description: Trustix Secure Linux is a project to make a hardened Linux distribution for servers. It features OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Apache w/SSL&PHP, Postfix, POP3 and IMAP with SSL support, ProFTP, and ftpd-BSD.

White Dwarf Linux

White Dwarf Linux
Developed by: EMJ Embedded Systems
Description: White Dwarf Linux was compiled to make development with JUMPtec's DIMM-PC and MOPS boards easier.
White Dwarf Linux is named for a White Dwarf Star. White Dwarf Stars are small but extremely dense stars. white dwarf linux is small enough to load in 16MB of Flash, but dense enough to contain the features that embedded applications demand including:

A fully graphical package-based installer
TCP/ip tools including ftp, telnet, ping, hostname, ftpd, telnetd
Mailx to allow sending and receiving of email
A full-featured terminal emulation package
A stripped down Apache 1.3.11 web server
gcc development tools
ppp drivers and scripts
vim, a modern vi replacement

WinLinux 2000

WinLinux 2000
Developed by: JRCP
Description: WinLinux 2000 is a new Linux distribution for users of Windows 95/98. It has the following features:
Installs using the InstallShield® Wizard
Runs from the Start Menu like any other application
KDE Desktop to make Windows users feel right at home
Automatically detects for most Plug and Play Hardware
Easy-to-use Windows Configuration Tool
Easily updates in Windows® no need for Linux commands
No disk partitioning. Installs directly onto your Windows partition as most Windows applications do
Ready for Sun® StarOffice®


WholeLinux Image Developed by: WholeLinux, Inc.
Description: WholeLinux is a new animal, a Linux distro and network appliance. the WholeLinux SuperAuk installs RedHat 6.1 and KDE 1.1.2 in 4 minutes. a packet filtering firewall, sendmail, apache, samba and netatalk is installed and pre-configured.

They have created a desktop paradigm for sysadmin, push-button mail, user and fileshare management. a HTML based setup Wizard is also provided to connect to ethernet or DSL, set up a local network, mailboxes, users, and fileshares. SSH can be downloaded with one click. xdm is used for access control; root can log into the sysadmin desktop, and users log in to a user desktop, so they can run Linux apps while the gateway/server is running in the background. the system IP settings, user accounts, passwords, and server configuration can be backed up with a single click, and the system can be restored in 4 minutes.


ZipHam Image ZipHam
Developed by: Jean-Philippe
This mini distribution is made by and for Ham-radio but everybody can use it!
Works on older computers. ex: 386sx with 4mb ram
Easily upgradable with Slackware packages and by contributors packages ( there are some on the website )
Small Download size ( 7 floppies for base system, 5 more for Xwindows and Netscape 3.01 )
Documentation is in HTML and readable with Lynx or Netscape ( if in Xwindows ). Available by "modules" in French, Spanish and English for now.
Includes all major TCP/IP and AX25 tools
Web server with BOA 0.92